GoLunchBox Club provides food order service support to schools, businesses, and events. We work with vendors and staff administrators to cater your meal.

Lunch orders are quick. easy. efficient.


What We Do

School lunches are one of the most important meals of the day. Parents invent any amount of time, effort, and love to ensure the health of their child. We decided to create a system to allow parents to select their ideal meal.

Our club members receive quality consultation regarding nutrition, healthy menu options, food combinations, support and services for meals. The first step is to determine how our services align with your needs. Each of our clients are partnered with a team member whose goals are to understand your nutritional needs, goals, and menu options. Consultations will take place in stages to ensure that nutritional goals are met based on USDA general guidelines along with your program’s requirements. We fully understand that your team may work with any number of outside vendors or food services creating challenges with developing a menu to satisfy each food group for every person.

Each meal plan (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, etc.) can be customized within parameters that include recommended daily fruits, grains, vegetables, and protein. Program performance evaluations of the suggested meal plan(s) shall be scheduled midway through a long-term program as well as at the end. Ongoing feedback allows for modifications with direct input for those taking advantage your nutritional meals. Nutritional awareness will afford the opportunity to make great food choices for any meal of day.

Our team is committed to identifying your desired level of caloric intake, managing carbohydrates, sodium intake, and other nutritional aspects towards a balanced diet. Consultations will provide ways to reduce fat and increase nutrient-rich food combinations. Alternatives are ways to keep food items you like the most while not compromising a variety of choices. A menu can be customized based on the results of each consultation. As the demand for your product grows, we change as well effectively yielding positive results.

How It Works

On average, there are three consultation phases:

Phase 1. Pre-programming consultations

Phase 2. Interim consultations

Phase 3. Program completion consultations

Long term program will typically have a minimum of three consultations while short term program menus will have a minimum of two consultations. All consultations a similar in fashion in that you can share your nutritional expectations and menu items. Our team will review the information then, provide personal feedback with suggested menus suited for your program. Menus can be accessed electronically. This is is designed to easily access the most current nutritional facts and menus from anywhere. It should take only minutes.

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